Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Up the Nile: Day 4 (Luxor to Aswan)

The forth day of the trip saw me hopping on a bus bright and early with Farouk's group and driving south to Aswan.  The drive was lovely, often taking in Nile views above fields and between palm trees on the right, while sandy hills rushed by on the left.  The fields were vivid green and so alive looking!  It was a suprise after the somewhat dusty vegetation of Cairo, which is prevalent but a with a certain jaded quality that was lacking in the fields down south which were so green as to scream of life and energy.

Arriving in Aswan, I headed to my hotel on an island in the Nile, on the way admiring the rock formations from the felucca. Aswan is near the first cataract, meaning a rocky area which breaks up the flow of the river, of which there are six in total on the Nile.  It was beautiful sailing among other feluccas, lazy drifting back and forth between the smooth rocks with their white sails furled, running the flags of various nations.

That first afternoon and evening in Aswan was spent mostly relaxing, walking around town on the corniche, and eating.  Here's some pictures from the day:

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