Sunday, April 4, 2010

Up the Nile: Day 1 (Luxor)

I am back from Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel! It was a very good trip, I loved traveling alone but meeting up with my father's friend Farouk and his group who were doing the same route as me.  The experience of traveling alone is always rewarding, and I enjoyed having some freedom and independence from my rigid Cairo schedule.  There are so many details I'd love to share about the people I met and the situations I was in, but it's hard to go on about everything here without writing a novel, so I will be posting the pictures and perhaps a "highlights of my trip" type post at the end.

I arrived in Luxor at 5am, and was too excited to rest after my overnight experience of not sleeping on the train, so I went for an early morning walk. Spent the day sleeping and hanging out at the cafe in front of the hotel with people from Luxor as well as travelers passing through, who were a really lovely, fun, vibrant crowd. I was told that Luxor Temple, which was literally right in front of my hotel was perfect to visit and photograph at sunset, so I headed out to do just that. I got some great photos, mostly by virtue of being without a group and having plenty of time to scope out nice shots and go at a leisurely pace.  Afterwards I met up with Farouk's group for dinner at a lovely place above the suuq, with great tagens.  Tagens are stews made in earthenware pots, and I ate a lot of them on my travels as they're easy on the stomach, healthy, and tasty!  We ate, chatted, and indulged in some wine before I headed back to the hotel to chat with the staff in Arabic before bed.

Pictures from Luxor Temple at sunset:

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